Saturday, January 2, 2010

omfg how is it racest 2 say ur new years resolution is 2 hook up w/ more black grils????

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


if i wanted 2 hear a some1 make a buncha f****ing racket & wish me happy hollidays b4 they ask 4 money (when im just tryin 2 score a bite 2 eat) id except my Fing tweekerass x-stepdads invit8ion 2 no-show Christmass dinner (after my stepauntie warns me he's been watching Drumline OnDemand & missing his kids all week.)

if u want peace on earth start by peacing outta my grosery store intrance.

O & TAKE DOWN THAT F****ING WIRE FENCE B-TWEEN UR GOD DAM SECTIONS. u srsly think im gonna walk all the way out 1 door & thru the other 4 a pare of work jeans??? no u just lost $5 & made some1 starve 2 death good job.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i noticed theirs a lot of days when im 2 busy or lazy 2 put on socks b4 shoes but never 1 where im glad i didnt

Saturday, August 8, 2009

upd8 from italy

lotta big bootys over here. mostly small 1s tho.

Friday, July 31, 2009


we pop em out all the MFing time in my fam so (not 2 brag or get a buncha bodyclockin breezys all h***y but) im dope w/ kids & most the bulls**** that goes w/ them. ne way killer place, lotta fine older girls in here but wow......

remind me 2b nice & fill in again 4 my 2nd cousin Jessys weakass x-bf here so CONSTENTLY pregnent Fing cow Candice can spot me w/ her & tell every doushbag she knos some discusting scandless lies bout me. btw Big C (u nasty s****talkin beefalo) HOW do u srsly 4get how 2 trick breethe or w/e every time some new slumdog knocks u up?? did u sign a 6 mistery baby contract w/ this joint back in 8th grade or wtf????

yeah ne way the trainers r nice & helpful (reason 4 the stars) but jesus christ u think theyd lecture this monstro like "hey Candy learn 2 give handys or JUST Fing BREETHE b****. ur a god dam lego longpeace choking hazzard 2 urself and a vomitting hazzard 2 me..... gtfo out and dont come back till that whoribly disgized fupa hits its 50th trimester (2 more 2 go h*!!!!!!! lol)"

yeah srsly tho F*** her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


heres whats up w/ morena..... if u hire more then 1 hooker per month or hook up with rly nasty girls u dont want to bring home this is a steel (50 bones per month).  i dont waste my $$$ b/c i get mad p***** for free ne way but my step uncle Chet rents a spot out here just put his old twin bed in the room 4 random hook ups LOL.  way cheeper then renting a hotel room and like 2 minutes from the sports arena where u can find a girl thatll do pretty much whatevr u want 4 some cash and 420.  u dont have to worry about her steeling ur stuff as long as u keep valubles in your closet at home or a differnet storage room (which is a lil expensive).


yeah so some1 at yelp who wants there ass beat keeps flaggin this shit. w/e pretty soon ill review every place u need 2 kno on here so u dont have 2 bother w/ yelp at all.

ne way about mr frostys.....

this place used 2b a chill place 2 go but now its the worse all cuz this B jacky who i used 2 go 2 school with works their.  any time i go there and try 2 talk 2 girls evn if im just bein nice like 'sup' or wutever she comes out and tells them all i got a small thing.  but she aint even seen it sense 8th grade (she pantsed me and ran like a cowerd just b/c me and my boy nate beat the stuff out her lil brother) so wtf.  ne way ice cream used 2 b fun on a hot day but now it just pisses me off and reminds me of the time i had 2 swich schools 2 a even worse 1.  the choclate is rly good tho still, so 2 stars even with the risks.